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OK, so I'm back from holiday and the proposal has been submitted.

Had a week in Northumberland where the sea frets kept the coast refreshingly cool in the hottest week ever in the UK.
I came across a great little paperback book in Barter Books in Alnwick (apparently Alnwick is the place with the highest quality of life in the UK, and with the Harry Potter connection and the International Music Festival it was heaving!) called 'The Pebbles on the Beach' by Clarence Ellis, which looks at where pebbles come from, and how to identify them.
A little web searching and I came across an article in THINGS Magazine by Christopher Stocks which talked of some of the ways that pebbles have a hold on our imagination.
Who hasn't returned home from the beach with a handful of 'special' pebbles. Why did you pick the ones you did ? Were you a little disappointed when you got them home ?
My daughter has a hand-labelled jar of shells and pebbles in her room now.
But what if everyone who went to the beach did that - and how about all the sand that each person removes from the beach when they leave ?
How much of a contribution does that make to beach erosion ?
It makes you think!

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