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Half term.
Time to reflect on the last few months of BLOG activity.
The Geo Blogs area is beginning to stir from its slumber.
I've been writing an article for a Geography journal on the birth of the project, and will also be running an ICT workshop on the day of the Norfolk Geography Conference on the 14th of June.
Also had positive response following GA Conference.
Been exploring some of the fabulous images posted on people's PHOTOBLOGS from around the world.
Another benefit of BLOGGING: just signed up for my new GMail account: 1000Mb of storage means never having to slim down an INBOX again...
So what subjects for BLOGS have appeared in the last few days:
Well, in the week that Hollywood style disaster movie "The Day after Tomorrow" has opened in the UK, a real Mother Nature style disaster has hit the Dominican Republic - first the terrifying storms and floods and now (according to the BBC News ticker just now..) an earthquake.
What are your thoughts on the movie ?
How about fuel prices ? What does the future hold for transport ?

When is a pizza a proper pizza ? Should the Italians still be able to dictate what they think is a proper pizza or is it now a 'world food' ?

Going away this Bank Holiday ? What effects does such mass movement of the population have on the environment ? Staying at home in the garden instead perhaps - what damage does that cause ?

Revising ? Tell us about the preparations you're making. Just been reading about the theft of AQA English papers - that's a whole lot of extra paper that's going to be taken up producing new papers - what about online exams in Geography - what are your thoughts ?

So - more to come soon.
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