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Thanks to those who took part in today's ICT Workshop.
It was part of a conference in Norwich where the guest speaker was David Leat - had a chance to take part in 2 workshops he ran - more on these will appear in the Geo Blogs area...

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Here at the PDC in Norwich preparing for an ICT workshop.

There's a football match on as I blog this.
In the last few weeks, there's been a Geographical resource which has become part of society: the flag of St. George fluttering from virtually every vehicle...

The flag has different meanings for different people. For some it's associated with racism.
For at least some it's the sign of money to be made.
An article on the Telegraph website gives a good background to the prevalence of the flag:

Apparently some pubs and Transco have banned the flags...

So who's making these flags ? Well it seems we have another example of Globalisation here. Just as the supermarkets which are selling the flags depend on overseas suppliers to keep their shelves stocked in what Joanna Blythman has called 'permanent global summertime', so these flags have a non-UK dimension.

The Daily Mail today (which was giving away free England number plate stickers (to "cover up that ghastly EU flag") reported that some flags are being made at workshops in Shaoxing, China - and workers are paid £46 a month to churn out the flags at 13p each (High Street cost variable - up to £3)in 'sweatshop' conditions.

Has anyone seen any other flags being flown from cars ?

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