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Geo Blogs project was funded by an Innovative Geography Teaching Grant by the RGS-IBG.

On the 24th of November, the DfES, in association with the RGS, the GA and RM are running one of a series of roadshows on embedding 'ICT in Geography'. Sessions and workshops are being run by notable figures in Geography and the event is well worth attending if you're a Geography teacher.
Geo Blogs will be in the Learning Zone on the E:port stand, which is a collaboration of the DfES and Evaluate: a digital resource evaluation service.
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Geo Blogs

Just watching the latest edition of the BBC's Natural History of the UK. Some good locations and photography, and many of them I've visited.
How about setting up a blog of places you've been to - as you go somewhere new, add it to the list! Add images in words or pictures...
On the WORLD 66 site you can create a personalised map of the countries of the world you have visited.
The 'Teaching Geography' article featuring Geo Blogs is due to be published soon - perhaps that's why some of you are now reading this.

Apologies for the absence of the one of the sites featured in the article: Gavin Richards' excellent Geo Explorer site: one of the first sites to recognise the value of GeographyPages. Gavin has a new role as in E-learning, and hasn't been able to devote the considerable time needed to maintain a popular website. When his new site appears I'll let you know. Apart from anything else, this demonstrates the changeable nature of the Internet.

What about winter ?
There have been lots of stories suggesting the winter is going to be one of the coldest on record...
How about a WINTER blog ? Keep track of those cold, windy, dark days of winter...

Keep blogging!

Geo Blogs

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