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Coming soon will be a lengthy post about the day I spent earlier this week at the Royal Geographical Society for the DfES Roadshow on 'Embedding ICT in Geography'.
Met up with lots of notable UK geographers, and saw some interesting future Ordnance Survey developments.
Did battle with the Tube, and came across some great new ideas.
Watch out for it...


Went to Birmingham the day before yesterday for an evening.
I visited the Symphony Hall for a jazz concert. Featuring a Norwegian saxophonist leading a group with a German bass player and keyboard player, and a percussionist born in the USA but who lives in Denmark.
Before that I had a ride on the big wheel, and saw the 'Earth from the Air' exhibition before visiting a German craft market...

Geo Blogs

Teaching Geography article.
The Geo Blogs article is now available online. has a link to the October 2004 issue.
If you're not a subscriber, or a member, you can download the article for £9.99

Geo Blogs says "check it out"

In North London, a new crop of pop stars have been recording the new version of the Band Aid single. The profits, as with the original, from 1984, are going to famine relief in Africa. Remember that a band aid is essentially a plaster. Is it enough when the problem is equivalent to a 'gaping wound' ? Should governments be doing more to help, or is this our collective responsibility ?
With increasing Globalisation and interdependence, we have a closer connection than ever to the places we see on the news broadcasts.
There is also a DVD available of the original Live Aid concert, which features the films made for the original concert broadcast.
The BBC has been blogging the process of recording the new single at

Remember Bhopal ?
This was also 20 years ago: 1984 - the same year as Live Aid. Now it seems that the pollution didn't go away, and is poisoning the water supply. - has all the information on the original incident.

Earlier this week I went to a lecture on Carbon Reduction. If you haven't already made your pledge, don't forget to head over to the CRed page:

The weather forecasts warn of snow by the end of the week.
Which geographical news stories from this year will we still remember in 2024 ?

Geo Blogs

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