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Where ?

Originally uploaded by GeoBlogs.
Just trying out the new FLICKR tool for adding photos to GeoBlogs. I will add some images taken in the UK.
Where is this ?


The year is moving on quickly.
Just taking the time to read "In Praise of Slow" by Carl Honore.
The book promotes the advantages of taking your time. He mentions the 'Slow cities' movement, which has a website here:
The idea is to allow people to reclaim cities and time. Mentions some good quotes:
"Hell is a city much like London" Percy Shelley
also the Garden City work of Ebenezer Howard.

Have been checking out some of the sites in line for an award at this year's BLOGGIES. No mention of GeoBlogs (not surprising I have to say....)
One of my daily visits led me to this site:
This has some marvellous images of cars and benches coated with ice by strong winds on Lac Leman (or Geneva) blowing spray from the lake which then froze on objects due to the low temperatures.
I've been wating for the PHOTOBLOGS site to move to its new host.
Check out and use the Index by Country to explore the world. There are some fantastic images here.

Currently preparing a lecture / workshop for Geography conference later in the year. Have you read "One Hundred Years of Solitude" ?


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