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Heard over the weekend that Martyn Bennett died on the 30th of January.
Martyn was a superb musician and interpreter of traditional Scottish music. He 'shocked' some of the crowd at his appearance at the Cambridge Folk Festival with the nature of his re-invention.
I've been listening to Martyn for about 7 years, and Bothy Culture was a permanent fixture on my car CD for some time.
Check out Martyn's albums:

Martyn Bennett (1996- Eclectic Records) - 2 part track called 'Cuillin' (my favourite area of the UK) and a long ambient piece called Stream.
Bothy Culture (1997 - Rykodisc) - various treatments - love 4 Notes and Joik - irreverent and arresting...
Hardland (1999 - Cuillin) - got a shock the first time I listened to this... Snipe Shadow and PLAY...
Glen Lyon (2002 - Foot Stompin') - a very geographical album in a sense, involving an invocation of place, blending the vocals of Margaret Bennett and others with sounds recorded in the area, for example using a threshing machine for a rhythm track
Grit (2003 - Real World) - final album, and a triumph - Real World yet again recognising someone with a unique talent in their particular geographical area... Liberation & Blackbird are wonderful, and the CD ends with the spine-chilling Storyteller.
To learn more about Martyn and hear samples of some tracks, check out

A memorial concert is to be held on the 15th of April in Edinburgh. I would love to be there. I'll play my CDs that evening...

Mar sin leat

Easter Sunday
There'll be lots of brimming bins tomorrow with the annual festival of chocolate-surrounded air that is Easter.
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A new star in the blogging firmament.
Check out the stylish WordPress coding at Noel Jenkins' JUICY GEOGRAPHY BLOG.

Also recommended is a new publication produced by Chris Kington publications, who publish the David Leat Thinking Skills books, and Liz Taylor's SAGT award winning 'Re-Presenting' geography.
There is a pack called 'Look at This' which features 4 of the large format photography books of Harry Cory Wright.
The books are pictures of coastal scenery, rivers and other 'big' landscapes, and the Salt Water Gallery in Burnham Market, Norfolk (I drove past it yesterday in fact...) is an inspiring place to visit.
The teachers' pack features 4 books (which are normally £15 each), a poster, some laminated photos and a teachers' pack (you can order either Primary or Secondary versions) for only £47.50
This is irresistible for someone like me who loves images in their teaching.
The book is not listed on the Chris Kington website at the moment, but you can e-mail them via the site to request further details.

Get out there and take some pictures!
Then use Picasa to Blog them at the push of a button


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