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Google Earth
I've spend a fair bit of time this week with the new Google release: a beta version of Google Earth.
This is a virtual earth which allows you to zoom in and out, tilt and pan and rotate around a point on the earth, with amazing detail and imagery, even 3D buildings in certain locations.
The site is
A 10Mb download gives access to streaming images.
This is without doubt the best thing since sliced bread!
Explore the world.
I shall be adding more on this to GeographyPages soon...

Geo Blogs

Geography on top of the World
Congratulations to Alan Hinkes.
After years of effort, the former geography teacher from North
Yorkshire, now mountaineer has become the first Briton to have climbed all 14 peaks over 8000m. Read more at these BBC articles:
Only 12 other people have achieved this feat. Well done Alan!

GeoBloggers - the next developments
Check out GMaptrack for a personalised Google Map.
Head over to my new page at for more information.
Also a nice bit of code from Malevolent Design is included on this post.
It can be seen below hopefully. Enter a postcode to be taken to a Google Map which shows directions to a place - in this case, the school where I teach. This would work with a lot of my existing work on mapping and fieldwork. Thanks to Noel Jenkins for mentioning this on his site:

Geo Blogs

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