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A few exciting things since last time I posted.
The first is that I have been awarded an Innovative Geography Teaching Grant by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) to develop a project called 'Earth: a Users' Guide' - this will be a free download (or printed) resource which will be a Geography Teachers' guide to using Google Earth in the classroom.
This is going to be a collaborative resource, so if you have any ideas for using GE in the classroom, or some ideas for how it COULD be used, get in touch and let me know via the GeographyPages website contact:
As part of this project I've also finally joined the GPS age. I've received my Garmin E-Trex Venture handset this morning, and will be exploring ways of linking it with GE. One of the ways is through the very geographical pastime of GeoCaching.
Also, recommend the film 'Baraka' which I am watching as I blog this, along with taping the Fox News coverage of Hurricane Wilma.
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Do you use video in your teaching ?
If you do, and you have some perspective on this, visit Dan Raven Ellison's new blog:
The idea is to contribute video clips and ideas.
Nice one.
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A new look for Geo Blogs
Thanks to for the new template: the K1 black version.

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