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Notice on beach by Noel Jenkins

Notice on beach
Originally uploaded by Juicy Geography.
Noel at Juicy (and Digital) Geography has posted a FLICKR set of images at the landslide near Lyme Regis which happened last weekend.
Fossil hunters have flocked to the area to try to make a discovery.
The toe of the landslip is eroding fast.
Nice work Noel!

Poster for new ICT Club

My creation
Originally uploaded by GeoBlogs.
Decided to start an after-school club to get students more involved with some of the ideas I've been working with over the last year or so.
Hopefully they'll take some of the ideas further and provide some fresh content for me.

Google Earth now available for Mac users.
This will allow a lot of people to appreciate this wonderful resource.

Memory Map Teachers Guide also now been published.

There has been continued interest in the application.
One of the big presents over Christmas was Satellite Navigation, and it has become clear that they are not all using the same map database. As with a lot of situations, you get what you pay for!
There have been some amusing stories of people being diverted into strange places by their Sat Nav systems. Has this happened to you ?
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