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Welcome to all those visitors who have come here following our mention in the latest edition of Geography Review....
This blog has been archived, and new postings are now to be found on one of several other places.

I have started a new personal weblog called "Geography and all that Jazz", which can be found at

May I recommend some other teachers who are blogging and who you may find useful: - Geography: My Place and Yours - a blog for Higher Geography students in Scotland

(both the above blogs are the work of Val Vannet: Head of Geography at the High School of Dundee) - all the latest news for those users of Google Earth - Tony Cassidy's lesson ideas and links for teaching the new OCR Pilot GCSE Geography - very useful... - the online home of the Geography of Happiness project - another little something which I am involved in....

And if you want more from me - for OCR Pilot Geography centres...

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