Geographical contexts to everyday situations explained

Picture: David Rayner

CfBT Conference for Geography for new KS3 Curriculum

Thanks to the 70+ Heads of Geography and other colleagues in various capacities who attended the CfBT Eastern Region Conference at the Holiday Inn in Norwich yesterday.
It was hard work (especially as I followed it up with 2 hours plus at a parents evening...) but enjoyable, and good to talk to people and get their ideas for how they were going to be "creatively subversive...."

Particular thanks to David Rayner and Ruth Totterdell, the National Subject Leads, my RSA colleagues John Harrison and Katharine Hutchinson, John Lyon from the GA, and Jon Wolton from the RGS, and of course all the delegates, particularly Lucy and Clare.

A few images below, taken by me:
What to ditch / add ?Katharine's 'significance' workshop
Importance statement John Harrison getting "funky"
Ruth in the morning...The venue...
GA welcome banner...

If you were present and want any other copies of the documents I referred to, get in touch via the website.
If you've got anything to share, fling it my way !

And here's a reminder of the wonder that was Georgie's Landscape in a Box....


Mark Beaumont is just a few days away from finishing his epic solo cycle around the world.
We have mentioned his trip in quite a few lessons this year.
Also a good article in this week's Sunday Times

The opening paragraph gives a good flavour for the effort that Mark has put in:

Imagine getting up tomorrow, climbing bleary-eyed onto your bike and cycling from Bath to London; or Birmingham to Liverpool; or Belfast to Dublin. Then imagine doing it again the next day. And the next day and the day after that. For six months.

Now picture doing the same thing, but in the mountains of the Indus Valley, the torrential rain of Thailand and the mind-melting heat of the Australian outback. Throw in a few nights in a police cell in Pakistan, a collision with a moped in India and a mugging in a Louisiana crack house, and you’ll have some idea of what it takes to cycle around the world in record-breaking time.

Val Vannet has continued to blog the journey daily, apart from a short Christmas break, and the next few days, where I will track Mark's progress through France, before Val brings him into the capital...
In her Geography department, Val has used a map which has a series of pins. These started out as yellow and have slowly been turning red...

There are now just 2 yellow pins remaining...
Log on to the blog for the final few days and you'll be able to see the last part of the journey...

A new, and very welcome, entry in the Geography website field is Helen Young's GEOGRAPHYGEEK website.

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